ARC Team

What’s an ARC?

An ARC is an Advance Reading Copy, distributed (at no charge) before a book is published.

Free books? How do I get them?

Join my ARC Team! You’ll be the first to read my latest books. All I ask in exchange is that you leave an honest review on Amazon.

What’s the catch?

My fondness for you will increase drastically, and I may consider naming a character or firstborn child after you. But really, there is no catch. You get free books to review, and you can leave the Team at any time.

I want to join!

Awesome! Follow this link to sign up now.

  1. I love this whole series. I cannot believe I just found these books. I read like 2-3 books a day and absolutely love erotic supernatural shifters, the more alpha the better. Thank you for a great read and an even greater


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