The Series is Complete!

No more cliffhangers! The Seventh and final installment of Hunted by the Alphas is finally here. Get Part Seven now, or help yourself to the absolutely enormous box set.

I had so much fun writing this series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 🙂


Val lies in mortal peril, and the hunters are closing in. In desperation, Ash and Blaze turn to some unlikely allies, but that might not be enough to save their mate and their pack.

Can these fated mates triumph against the odds?

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Time to run…


With Blaze gravely wounded, Ash and Val need to run. While they can get him to the mountains, finding safety won’t be so easy. Not only are they in danger from old enemies, but also from Val herself, who without her medication is becoming rather monstrous…

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Stay tuned for the grand finale, coming by the end of May!

How far would you go to save your fated mate?

Part Five is here! Just two parts to go. 🙂


At last, Val has learned the truth about her parents. But now the vampires and hunters both want her, and both will go to any lengths to claim her.

Even Ash and Blaze might not be able to protect their mate from a weapon beyond imagining…

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Part One of Fated is FREE today (4/21) through Sunday (4/24)

If you still haven’t claimed your two scorching Alphas, now’s your chance. 😉

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Part One of Hunted is FREE today (4/15) through Monday (4/18)

Shifters. Hunters. Vampires.

And they’re all trying to keep Val from her fated mates.


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Into the monsters’ lair…


The vampires have her now. Weaponless and alone, Val knows her life is in danger. But the desire to avenge her parents is almost more tempting than escape.

Though Ash and Blaze rush to her aid, time is running out. Val might learn the hard way that she doesn’t know everything about vampires.

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Welcome to the night.

Follow Val to Club Ambrosia… if you dare.


As hard as it is for Val to choose between wild, gorgeous shifter brothers Ash and Blaze, harder still is keeping her family from slaying them. If that’s not enough, she also has to sneak into the heart of enemy territory and find out what the city’s vampires are up to without getting herself killed.

And then there’s the secret her adoptive parents have kept from her, the one that will change everything.

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It’s not easy being a monster hunter.


Her whole life, Val has longed to become a monster hunter. So why can’t she bring herself to kill two wolf shifters?

It couldn’t be because they stand before her as handsome men, invading her thoughts and daydreams. It couldn’t be because of their piercing eyes, the feel of their skin against hers.

She could never hurt them. But the rest of her family isn’t so forgiving.

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Are you ready for your new Alphas?

Part One of Hunted by the Alphas is here!

Oh. My. Goodness. I am SO excited to share this one with you. I really hope that if you liked Fated, you’ll enjoy Hunted as well. I can’t wait to hear what you think!


When two Alphas fall for a monster hunter, who will end up hunting whom?

Val doesn’t have time for love. If she wants to become a vampire hunter, she needs to focus on dagger skills and marksmanship. Any lapse in concentration could get her killed, so the attention of a tall, handsome man is especially inconvenient on the way to her first mission. His amber eyes are hard to get out of her mind, and they might just prove fatal.

His whole life, Blaze dreamed of the day he’d become Alpha of his pack. When his older brother Ash got the position, Blaze left, vowing never to return. Arriving in the city, he encounters a woman whose stunning curves distract attention from her arsenal of concealed weapons. One look is all it takes to know that she’s his fated mate.

The only problem is that Ash wants Val, too. He already took the pack—he can’t have Blaze’s mate. But their quarrel will mean nothing if they can’t save Val from a murderous enemy.

This is the first part of an ongoing story. Not a standalone. Cliffhangers abound.

For adult readers comfortable with ménage romance, as some installments contain explicit scenes with multiple partners.

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In case you were wondering, I just finished the first chapter of Hunted by the Alphas. It took a long time, mostly because I kept getting sidetracked by outlines. And character names. And character histories. And [spoilers].

Most everything’s ironed out now, so I hope the rest of the telling will go much faster.

How excited am I about this new story? Well, I was thinking about it while making breakfast the other morning. I got so distracted that I tried to eat my cereal with a fork.

So yes, I am slightly excited.  I can’t wait to share it with you! :D