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Tragedy sends the Twin River pack reeling. The loss of an Alpha is a heavy blow, and the pack might not survive it.

Lia is out of magic, helpless to save her mate or her pack. There is one other option, a frightful chance she could take that might pull them back from the brink. But the price is unimaginable.

And she has yet to learn the biggest secret of all.

This is the sixth part of an ongoing story. Not a standalone. Cliffhangers abound.

For adult readers comfortable with ménage romance, as some installments contain explicit scenes with multiple partners.

Part Six on Amazon
Part Six on Amazon UK

Mr. Thorn says this is the best part yet, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I may have cried a bit while writing it… and reading it. Now on to Part Seven, which will hopefully involve fewer tears.

Only three more parts to go! Are you ready for them? ;)

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  1. Oh, I cried for beginning to end!!!!!!!!! Never could have imagine about the true between them! But now,what is going to happen with this new character! Can’t wait to find out!!!
    Absolutely the best of the 6 books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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