Part Seven has arrived, and I’m so excited for you to read it. I finally got to introduce a character I’ve been itching to write since Part Three. Oh, and that final line…

Enjoy! :D


The witches are coming, just like the strange little girl warned.

Magda, the crone who cast Lia from the coven, is full of apologies at first. But she has a request, one Lia isn’t willing to grant. Magda isn’t used to being refused.

Now Lia and her Alphas must run for their lives. They might be able to fend off the witches for a while, but the coven isn’t alone. Magda has found an ally, someone who hates the Twin River pack even more than she does. And he’s thirsting for battle…

This is the seventh part of an ongoing story. Not a standalone. Cliffhangers abound.

For adult readers comfortable with ménage romance, as some installments contain explicit scenes with multiple partners.

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Part Seven on Amazon UK

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  1. Part 8 please


  2. Ok. . . I’m DYING for the next one!! I was reading the Hump…? bundle last night and got to your’s. . .needless to say, I haven’t finished the bundle but I have finished your Fated books (that are out) and let me day madame 😉 that was very very cruel. ..where’s my daughter. ..?!?!?!, you may be a cruel person for an ending like that, plus the wait, but you have truly snared me.’s 8:12am here. ..and I have yet to be to bed and I’m firmly pointing my finger (of blame) in your direction.
    Thank you for such a great book, A book that’s about magical beings ands shifters in a sea of thousands of the same but manages to blow em all away, at least be at the top of the great list 🙂

    Thank you for your great books hun. . .
    . . .now get back to writing madame because I’m still dying but snared lol

    thank you Thank You thank you


    • Thank you so much for reading! Your comment made my week, and probably my month. 😀 Though I would have thought my cruelty was obvious by the end of Part Five…

      Staying up until 8:12 AM? You’re a reader after my own heart. I may have gone to sleep at 7:00 AM a few days ago thanks to Andy Weir. I always think I can read just one chapter before bed, but that never ends up being true.

      I’ll try to get the last two parts out ASAP. Let’s just hope they won’t keep you up too late!


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