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Mr. Thorn’s Displeasure

Mr. Thorn upon finishing Part Five:


Mr. Thorn one week after finishing Part Five:

“That was mean. You probably shouldn’t do that again.”

I’m sorry, Mr. Thorn! :c

I hope he likes Part Six…

Part Five, Out Now!

All right, we’ve come to the red cover. Prepare yourselves!


Trapped in Shade’s lair, Lia is about to learn just how good the Alpha is at bending captives to his will. Deep beneath the earth in the cavernous dark, she may be beyond rescue.

Kane sets out alone to free her. Though he knows he may be walking into a trap, nothing could prepare him for what awaits on the far side of the river.

And neither of them is ready for the terrible twist of fate that lies in store.

This is the fifth part of an ongoing story. Not a standalone. Cliffhangers abound.

For adult readers comfortable with ménage romance, as some installments contain explicit scenes with multiple partners.

Part Five on Amazon
Part Five on Amazon UK

Let’s go!


Part Five is finished! Expect it some time next week. I’m so happy that I get to type those words at last!

I was derailed for about a month by a string of catastrophes, both expected and unexpected. I didn’t want to write when I couldn’t give Lia, Kane, and Ronan the attention they deserved. Thanks for being patient with me (or at least pretending to be—personally, I’m not very patient when it comes to needing that next book right now). I hope to have Part Six out by the end of August, so long as the universe is done dishing out disasters for me to deal with.

Check back next week for release news and what may be my favorite cover yet!